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The Science Archive (SX) will be the 'end product' of the SDSS, a catalog containing over 200 Million objects and over 1 Million Spectra. The estimated size of the catalog will be ~ 3TB. In order to handle such a large dataset, we have designed the whole system from ground up, using state-of-the-art techniques for indexing, parallelization and query handling.

All the design information can be found under 'Design' below. Documentation for current SX products include the SDSS Query Tool (sdssQT) and the HTM index tree. Under 'Resources', we list the personnel as well as hardware and software systems used to develop the SX.

Status of SX Versions






Knowledge Base - Standards, Benchmarks, Experiences

SX Status Documents

Initial (this means old) Design Documents

Requirements as of 1995

Preliminary Design Review Information in 1995

Critical Design Review Information in 1997

Research Papers, etc.

Ani R. Thakar, Peter Z. Kunszt,

Last Modified: November 14, 2001