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Welcome to the Commisson 33: Structure and Dynamics of the Galactic System

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Commission 33 (Structure and Dynamics of the Galactic System) of the
International Astronomical Union

provides a forum for astronomers studying our home galaxy, the Milky Way, which offers a unique laboratory for exploring the detailed structure of the stellar and gaseous components of galaxies and the processes by which they form and evolve. Some important links related to Commission 33  are here . Please notice also the list of forthcoming meetings supported by Division VII and/or its Commissions 33 and 37.

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President and Members of the Organising Committee of Commission 33

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Division VII and Commission 37


President and Members of Organising Committee of Comm 33:

Rosemary Wyse  (President 2009-2012)
Post:  Johns Hopkins University,  3400 N Charles Street,  Baltimore,  MD 21218, USA
Tel:   +1 410 516 5362
Fax:   +1 410 516 7239
Email: wyse@pha.jhu.edu

Birgitta Nordstrom  birgitta@astro.ku.dk (Vice-President)
Joss Bland-Hawthorn  jbh@physics.usyd.edu.au
Sofia Feltzing   sofia@astro.lu.se
Burkhard Fuchs fuchs@ari.uni-heidelberg.de

Ortwin Gerhard   gerhard@mpe.mpg.de (Past President)

Dante Minnitti  dante@astro.puc.cl