Alex Szalay Music Projects


Early Electronic Music Instruments

    In the mid 1970's with my brother Andras we have designed and built several analog synthesizers, some of which are still operational. We used these with our band Panta Rhei as well as in various recording projects on other band's albums. We also bult various guitar effects, sequencers, mixing consoles.


Using the MUZIX81 System

    The system was widely used in Europe from Hungary (Gabor Presser, Omega, PR Computer) to Germany (Frank Farian, Boney M etc) and the UK. We also used it on our PR Computer album, which sold over 100,000 copies in the mid 80s. Using this system, Gabor Presser has recorded an LP called "Electromantic", whose title song was the music of the BBC Nightly News intro for more than a year.

Working with Zoltan Jeney

In the 70s and 80s I have worked a lot with New Music Studio, a group dedicated to exploring avant-garde music in Budapest, Hungary. One of those pieces (Szazeves Atlag -- Hundred Year's Average) appeared on an LP containing the compositions of Zoltan Jeney.