Spectral Line

Aliases: sxSpecLine

Data Members of SpecLine:
Member Name/AliasesDatatypeDescription
specline_ID int64 Unique ID
wave float32 Line Center
waveErr float32 Error in line Center
waveMin float32 Minimum Wavelength of line influence
waveMax float32 Maximum Wavelength of line influence
sigma float32 Sigma of fitted gaussian
sigmaErr float32 Error of sigma
sigmaMin float32 Minimum of sigma
sigmaMax float32 Maximum of sigma
height float32 Height of gaussian
heightErr float32 Error in height
continuum float32 Continuum value at this pixel
ew float32 Equivalent width
ewErr float32 Error in equivalent width
ewMin float32 Minimum of equivalent width
specIndex float32 Spectral Index
nSigma float32 Significance of line number of sigma
chisq float32 Chi-squared of fit
nu int16 Degrees of freedom
restWave float32 Line rest wavelength
weight float32 Weight
z float32 Redshift of line
zErr float32 Error in redshift
lineMask uint32 Line mask
category int16 Category: Line found (0) or measured (1)
OneAssoc(SpecObj) Link to spectrum object
OneAssoc(SpecLineName) Link to line name

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