This is a single-row table containing most relevant survey constants.

Aliases: sxSDSSConstants, constants

Data Members of SDSSConstants:
Member Name/AliasesDatatypeDescription
siteLongitude float64 Site geodesic WEST longitude
siteLatitude float64 Site geodesic NORTH latitude
siteAltitude float64 Altitude (meters)
surveyCenterRa float32 J2000 right ascension of survey center (degrees)
surveyCenterDec float32 J2000 declination of survey center (degrees)
surveyEquinox float32 Survey equinox (years)
lambdaMin float32 Survey longitude minimum (degrees)
lambdaMax float32 Survey longitude maximum (degrees)
etaMin float32 Survey latitude minimum (degrees)
etaMax float32 Survey latitude maximum (degrees)
lambdaMinNStripe float32[45] The minimum longitude of each northern stripe
lambdaMaxNStripe float32[45] The maximum longitude of each northern stripe
etaNStripe float32[45] Latitude for each northern stripe
southStripeNumbers int32[3] The southern stripe numbers
lambdaMinSStripe float32[3] The minimum longitude of each southern stripe
lambdaMaxSStripe float32[3] The maximum longitude of each southern stripe
etaSStripe float32[3] Latitude for each southern stripe
stripeWidth float32 Width of stripes (degrees)
scanSeparation float64 Scan Separation
stripeSeparation float32 Stripe Separation
brickLength float32 Length of imaging bricks
ccdColSep float64 CCD Column Separation
northMajor float32 Major Axis Radius North
northMinor float32 Minor Axis Radius North
northPA float32 Position Angle North Area
telescopeSize float32 Telescope Size
fieldOfView float32 Telescope field of view
chipPixelX int32 Chip X-size
chipPixelY int32 Chip Y-size
nFilters int32 Number of filters
nChipsPerFilter int32 Number of chips per filter
effectiveLambda int32[5] Effective wavelengths of each filter
limitingMagnitudes float32[5] Limiting magnitudes per band
filters char[16] Filter names
refBand char[3] Reference band
specPerPlate int32 Spectra taken per plate
specLowerLimit int32 Spectrograph Wavelength lower limit
specUpperLimit int32 Spectrograph Wavelength upper limit
int32 Resolution of spectrograph

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