sxBright Members

Member NameMember TypeDescription
cxfloat64x Cartesian Coordinate
cyfloat64y Cartesian Coordinate
czfloat64z Cartesian Coordinate
ufloat64Model Magnitude u
gfloat64Model Magnitude g
rfloat64Model Magnitude r
ifloat64Model Magnitude i
zfloat64Model Magnitude z
fluxIDuint32Flux Fine Index
flag1uint32DetectionFlag is an enumerated type which enumerates flags which may be set
on individual detections by the photo pipeline.
See flags.. input for possible values and Flags for full desctiption
flag2uint32Second part of Detection_Flags
photoobjassoc - sxPhotoObjAssociation to full Photo Object for this tag. Use "obj." to dereference any member of sxPhotoObj.
(Alias obj also working)
fieldassoc - sxFieldAssociation to the Field where this object is located. Use "field." to dereference any member of sxField.